Spring-operated roller blinds


The roller blind as a means of filtering light and dampening the effects of heat within the room. Slow is a roller blind equipped with a decelerator to regulate the rise of the blind. The decelerator, inside the winding tube, slows down the rise and thus protects the blind from wear and tear over time.
Stopping can take place at any height. It is operated with a simple wave of the hand.
The system is suitable for domestic and professional environments.
Excellent in the presence of children because it guarantees absolute safety.
Perfect solution even with light and washable fabrics. Installation: ceiling, wall, recessed.
Many customisations are available: the type of fabric, the side of the control, the type of installation and the colour of the structure, of each accessory.
QUICKFIX VERSION: Minimal overall dimensions for direct installation on frame without drilling.
QuickFix systems are equipped with a support profile onto which a specific double-sided adhesive tape is applied. By not drilling into aluminium and PVC frames, thermal insulation is not affected and the frame warranty is maintained.
Solutions available in white, satin aluminium and all RAL colours on request.

Slow 1925

Slow 1928

ModelsL maxH maxInstallation
on Window
Slow 1925160260
Slow 1928260400
Slow 1925 QuickFix160260
Slow 1925 QuickFix Pro160260