Passion for excellence.

Mottura, a leading Italian company with global recognition.

Mottura, an excellence in window decoration since 1963.

Since 1963 Mottura S.p.A. has been involved in window sun protection through the production of systems for blinds and technical blinds. Mottura then established itself as a 360-degree player thanks to a constantly cutting-edge technological program developed over the past two decades to offer specialists in the field the most suitable technological solution for each type of application. Technology then transferred to technical blinds, over the last decade, and certified through numerous European industrial patents that have thus given the Mottura brand international resonance.

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One of Italy's best industrial expressions present in more than 70 countries around the world

With three European operating offices, including the parent company in San Giusto Canavese (TO), and a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, Mottura is today a company universally recognized as one of the best Italian industrial expressions in the sector, also thanks to the endorsement of international designers and architects. Innovation, quality, technology, high performance and sales process assistance are the cornerstones that make Mottura a top player in the industry, which has consolidated its excellence worldwide.

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The history


Mottura S.p.a. was founded in 1963 in Turin as a wholesaler
of curtain rods and related accessories.


The company’s business up to the beginning of the 1970s was primarily aimed at hardware retailers which normally sold to artisans for “made to measure” services. Product distribution, first exclusively local, slowly expanded to a national level creating an early stage network of exclusive territorial dealers.


The Great Transformation, from sales to a wood pelmet business


The first great transformation became real in 1974: a large, modern plant was built in San Giusto Canavese, the shareholding structure and trademark changed and the company transformed from a sole proprietorship into a joint stock company. Consequently, the product changed as well: the construction of the plant and transformation of the company from commercial to industrial, became necessary for the industrial production of wood pelmets, the result of a strong market demand and at the same time the opportunity to transform the business from a wholesaler into a full-fledged industry enabling a verticalisation aimed at working in a more structured manner all over Italy.

Years ‘80

From the crisis to excellence, the company’s ascent in the European sector of window treatments


At the start of the 1980s, the crisis in sales for this type of product, mainly due to the furnishing trends of the time, created the premises for a profound change of the company, leading it to be a sector protagonist on a European level. The underlying concept was to provide a complete offer for everything needed to decorate a window, especially taking into account the functionality and performance level.


The start of the revolution in interior design and transition towards curtain systems in aluminium


The production of systems for aluminium curtains started in 1983. This would be an important step because the product was no longer just a trendy object of the time but an element functional to interior design; at the same time top management witnessed the arrival of new players including the current Chief Executive Officer, Luca Lovera; still the guardian of the company's goals.

1989 / 1990 / 1994

Global expansion and Mottura’s international growth through
its European branches


The new product range increased exports and permitted the creation of three European branches: Mottura España in 1989, Mottura NV in 1990 and Mottura France in 1994. At the same time, the fame of the Mottura brand, as a manufacturer of curtain components and systems, spread on an international level.


Transformation of the market and product diversification. Mottura proposes a complete offer of technical systems and curtains in Italy


The disappearance of wood pelmets drastically changed distribution in Italy: the current distribution started, the market became specialised in retail and the Mottura brand obtained a much more widespread presence in Italy. This coincided with the start of creation of systems for technical curtains such as roller, vertical slat and pleated blinds, as well as custom assembled systems: this has allowed Mottura to gain it's current reputation as a company able to offer a complete range of technical systems and curtains, with a widespread distribution throughout Italy and distribution in diversified channels.


A complete production chain for made-to-measure curtains in Europe

Mottura has over the years internalized and verticalized the entire production process, from raw material to finished product. To date, no other Italian industry in the sector boasts such a complete and long internal supply chain: the foreign sales branches receive the finished product directly from the parent company, for an optimization in terms of costs and resources: in this way it is possible to bring a made-to-measure product throughout Europe.


Mottura has been in the sun protection business since 1963 and is now present on the international market with a complete range of window furnishing products. The winning formula: to position itself as the technological interpreter of blind systems. Thus the Mottura brand has consolidated its excellence in the world. Present in more than 70 countries. Mottura boasts collaborations with specialists, designers and architects, offering cutting-edge solutions for high-quality window furnishing.