Roller blinds with chain drive


The roller blind is both a contemporary design complement and a sun protection solution, optimal for residential as well as community and horeca environments. Roller blinds with chain drive are the most universal because they can be made in small sizes for windows and balcony doors or even in large sizes for large windows as energy-saving accessories.
The Sidewinder system is equipped with a gearless drive within the winding tube.
The system is suitable for filtering, blackout and reflective roller blinds. Ceiling, wall, window, recessed installation. Clutch and cap with safety catches, suitable for one-man installation.
Colour: White; Grey; Black; Bronze. Other colours on request.
QUICKFIX VERSION: Minimum overall dimensions for direct installation on window frames without drilling.
QuickFix systems are equipped with a support profile onto which a specific double-sided adhesive tape is applied.
By not drilling into aluminium and PVC frames, the thermal insulation is not affected and the frame warranty is maintained.

Sidewinder 8220

Sidewinder 8236

Sidewinder 8240

Sidewinder 8240

Sidewinder 8243

Sidewinder 8220
Sidewinder 8236
Sidewinder 8240
Sidewinder 8243
Sidewinder 8277
Sidewinder 8220 QuickFix
Sidewinder 8220 QuickFix Pro
Sidewinder 8240 - Eclisse S3
Sidewinder 8240 - Eclisse S2
ModelsL maxH maxInstallation
on Window
Sidewinder 8220160260
Sidewinder 8236300400
Sidewinder 8240260400
Sidewinder 8243300400
Sidewinder 8277400440
Sidewinder 8220 QuickFix160260
Sidewinder 8220 QuickFix Pro160260
Sidewinder 8240 - Eclisse S3260400
Sidewinder 8240 - Eclisse S2260400