Motorized roller blinds


Energy is the motorized roller blind program. The operation, both in the single blind and parallel versions, can be:
Button control;
Radio control with remote control and integrated R.F. receiver;
Simultaneous button and radio control with M2Net remote control and integrated 868/915 Mhz bidirectional radio receiver;
Finder solutions for Smart Home;
Range of outdoor roller blinds (471 – 472 – 473) and indoor blinds suitable for large glass surfaces.
Energy 473, the top of the range, is suitable for areas up to 48 m2 for a single system and is the optimal solution for ambitious sun protection projects. The lateral steel cables and the stop mechanism protect the system from wind-induced oscillations.
Motorized blinds with battery operation, now available for medium to large sizes, are particularly practical as they can be installed without any wiring.
Glossy White RAL 9016
Matte Black RAL 9005
Anodized Silver
Other colors available on request.
Energy 471 – 472 – 473 are systems suitable for indoor and outdoor use, CE EN13561 certified for outdoor use.
Energy 473 is a system suitable for large filtering and shading blinds for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum width: 600 cm. Maximum height: 800 cm.

Energy 728

Energy 472

Energy 471

Energy 440

Energy 440

ModelsL maxH maxInstallation
on Window
Battery operated
Energy 42816026024VDC
Energy 73626040024VDC
Energy 440300400230VAC
Energy 473600800230VAC
Energy 74030040024VDC
Energy 450400440230VAC
Energy 450 - Eclisse V3400440230VAC
Energy 471400440230VAC
Energy 472500560230VAC
Energy 736 - Eclisse S226040024VDC
Energy 736 - Eclisse S326040024VDC
Energy 740 - Eclisse V330040024VDC
Energy 72816026024VDC