Ultra-flat blind system ideal for installation on window frames


The curtain is operated by means of ø 1 mm polyethylene cords and manually operated frontal locking.
Installation on ceiling, wall or directly on frame.
Curved systems: the system is equipped with grommets with wheels, specifically for curved systems, both 90° and wide-radius
radius and arched.
The use of the tilting stop Art. 4116 allows the construction of inclined systems. QuickFix systems are equipped with a support profile onto which a specific double-sided adhesive tape is applied.

By not drilling into aluminium and PVC frames, the thermal insulation is not affected and the guarantee of the frame is maintained.

Basic 419

Basic 441

Basic 441

ModelsL maxH maxInstallation
on Window
Basic 414400300
Basic 419165350
Basic 427135500
Basic 441150300
Basic 441 QuickFix150300